Shafaq cooking oil is produced under the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Food Safety Standards, ensuring that every drop is safe and nutritious for your daily consumption

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Shafaq cooking oil is produced under the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Food Safety Standards, ensuring that every drop is safe and nutritious for your daily consumption.

Our dinner tables and our dishes are filled with polysaturated fats and oil that are more destructive to our health than we know. Everyone understands the importance of having a controlled diet and including what’s healthy for us. But the accessibility of what’s available to us in the market is what restricts us. Hence, our diets are compromised and so is our health.

It all starts with the type and quality of cooking oil, how your food is prepared, what guidelines are being followed for the type of cooking oil that you are using are all very vital pointers that every household should be concerned about when incorporating something in their lifestyle. That’s why having the assurance that the cooking oil you’re using is up to the mark and meets the standard that ensures a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to global health regulations which pertains to the food and safety standard, the guidelines set by W.H.O are the bible of food safety and a healthier diet for human consumption.

Especially when it comes to Pakistani dietary habits and how we prepare our food, we are very reliant on our cooking oil for our dishes. Therefore, this becomes an even more pressing issue on the quality of cooking oil we’re using and the regulations it’s going through. Thus, looking at this major dietary issue in our daily lives, Shafaq as a premium cooking oil brand decided to take the next step towards a healthier Pakistan and healthier families through producing their cooking oil according to the standards set by the World Health Organization and their International Food Standards guidelines for our daily diets which ensures that every drop of Shafaq’s premium cooking oil is enriched with health and nutrition for your daily human consumption.

The guidelines that Shafaq passes through are thus that they ensure your diet is enriched with health and goodness making every bite consumed with Shafaq helps in maintaining your heart health, an aware mind and a fit body that keeps you going for the new day, everyday!

Through their new campaign tagline “Aghaaz Naee Subh Ka”, Shafaq is sending out a message and highlighting the fact that our dinner tables and our dietary habits need to change for the better and that is what makes Shafaq the catalyst for your quality of life where everyday starts with a ray of hope and health.

Shafaq’s mission as a premium cooking oil brand was to make sure that before they launched their cooking oil as a brand, there were international standards set in place and were in line with the W.H.O’s International Food Safety Standards which is considered the gold standard when it comes to producing quality food products and cooking oil.

Hence, the production of Shafaq cooking oil was produced with strict quality control and regulated health standards which are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Enriched with Vitamin, D and E, Shafaq premium cooking oil is also cholesterol and trans fat free along with the goodness of Omega 3 and 6 which are essential for a good quality of life hence you don’t compromise on your health or your taste when you’re cooking with Shafaq.

It’s light shade of golden is testament to the point that it’s free from adulteration and refined with purity which doesn’t cause bloating or queasiness that most cooking oils in the market aren’t able to provide. Shafaq Cooking Oil is available in stores near you with convenient and easy to use bottle, pouch and tin packs.

What makes Shafaq so unique in it’s every step is the strict regulation and quality control which is maintained according the standards set by the World Health Organization for it’s International Food Standards hence Shafaq is part of a bigger picture when it comes to UN’s guidelines of Sustainable Development Plans where after water conservation, a healthy diet is deemed as the most essential right of every human.

Hence every drop of Shafaq cooking oil used in your diet is packed with nutritional value and health catalysts. With the goodness of Vitamin A, D and E along with Omega 3 and 6, your heart, bones, eyes and overall quality of life is maintained through a proper diet. Thus, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative for your everyday cooking, Shafaq’s premium cooking oil is the choice for your family.

Brand Team :

Habibullah Fazal
Director Marketing & Sales

Saqib Naeem
Head of Marketing

Hamza J Sheikh
Brand Manager

Zeeshan Ahmed
Trade Marketing Manager

Agency : Digi Persona (PVT) LTD

Founder & CEO
Nomaan sheikh

PR Lead : Bushra Sattar

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